Quick Sunday Conference Championship Predictions

NFC Championship

2. Los Angeles Rams @ 1. New Orleans Saints

If I thought the first 8 games were hard to predict, then today’s two championship games would appear to be complete toss-ups. The key going into today’s game is the health of both squads, and one of the two appears to be in full strength, whilst the other has accumulated a few injuries in the last week. The Rams have been healthy throughout the playoffs, and key players Aqib Talib and CJ Anderson were not available(or on the team yet) in the week 9 contest in which the Saints won 45-35. A huge factor in the Saints success to this point has been their Elite Run defense, however Sheldon Rankins (8 sacks), perhaps the teams best run-stopper, is out on the d-line after suffering a torn achilles last week vs the Eagles. On offense for the Saints, Keith Kirkwood, who had a TD last week, and Benjamin Watson, the team’s #1 Tight End, are out with minor injuries. That said it’s not like the Saints didn’t beat the Rams when they had Cooper Kupp, because they did, and surely that’ll make guarding Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks a little easier. The Saints planted a below-average offensive performance after three weeks without meaningful football last week, and I’d expect them to look closer to form against the Rams. Next Man-up approach will see Austin Carr (WR), Josh Hill (TE), and Taylor Stallworth (DT) have a tick-up in snaps, and I’ll think they’ll use the New Orleans Crowd to overcome any obstacles the Rams have to throw their way

Los Angeles Rams 31

New Orleans Saints 34

2. New England Patriots @ 1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Patriots are UNDERDOGS, I repeat- UNDERDOGS. And when the Patriots are underdogs, that is not a good sign for the opposing team. And maybe this is a circumstance of Clemson vs Alabama, when Clemson is clearly better, but it’s hard to pick against Bama; Regardless I picked Clemson to win that game, in yet I’m picking the Patriots in this one- the Alabama equivalent of the NFL. Eric Berry is back, Spencer Ware is back, Sammy Watkins is back (returned last week), and I’m continuing to ignore the signs that a healthier team is better equipped to win on such a big stage. If I think the Saints can exploit the Rams whilst using the next man up motto, the kings of that motto- the Patriots- can do the same + they are very healthy at the moment. Brady + Belichick will mess with are minds once more, and prove that last weeks good-looking Chiefs defense was actually just a fluke after all. Point-After-Touchdown-riots (nickname for the Patriots)

Patriots 40


Chiefs 34

(In OT)

I suppose those who wanted to see a rematch of the 2018 regular season’s most exciting game- Chiefs Rams - will have to settle for a matchup of two 40+ year old quarterbacks, A.K.A. a battle of G.O.A.T’s