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Sports enthusiast, stats guy and Fantasy Football Commissioner.

You can read my articles for Armchair All-Americans where I cover Purdue.

I'm a Senior in High School

An ideal job of mind is to work in either the sports journalism field or the sports management field. I’d like to write for either ESPN or a local newspaper’s sports section.  And if I were to go into sports management, I’d like to work for a team in player analysis and management or as an agent for sports such as basketball, and football, etc. Both of these jobs would include math, but more specifically, statistics. If I were an agent, or worked for a agency,  I would help players get contracts by pitching the numbers. For example, Frank Mason of the Kansas Jayhawks NCAA basketball team. Frank Mason is the starting point guard, for the Nation’s #1 basketball team according to both the associated press and the NCAA coaches. Frank averages 20.5 points per game(PPG), 4.2 rebounds(RPG), and 5.1 assists(APG). That is good enough for him to be projected to win every national player of the year award available to him. So why do I need to pitch him to NBA executives thinking about picking him? Because depending on the sources, Frank Mason is not expected to be drafted in the annual NBA Draft in June. Annually, 60 players are drafted in the NBA, this year the National Player of the Year in U.S.A. collegiate basketball may not be among them. Why? NBA executives will claim that he is “too small”, “too old”(22, to be 23 by start of NBA season), or is already in the midst of his peak performance. The NBA likes to penalise players for deciding to go back to school, because apparently it’s bad to want to get an education, and become an elite player at the college level. What I’d tell NBA scouts, or executive’s is….. Frank Mason is one of the best prospects out there, and that he gets his production while playing against the stiffest competition, and balancing getting a degree in liberal Arts and Sciences, and taking care of his son. Frank will give you a tremendous effort, and is a sure-fire more reliable pick than any lithuanian big man that averages 4 PPG(NBA Draft usually consists of about 30 international raw prospects).

If I was a scout I’d be a person who watches players like Frank Mason, and uses statistics, and the eye-test to decide if that player would be a help to the organization I work for, ie. Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Bobcats, etc.. If I was a sports writer I’d like to write for a NFL team like the New Orleans Saints. With that job I would have an inside look into the organization and be able to write important stories for the fans, and some of my own thoughts about the team. Also I would maybe like writing the sports column for a newspaper. I feel like it would be a demanding workload, but I’d like to become one of the voters in the Associated press for rankings, and awards across multiple sports.