Here's my final and first mock before the draft. My top 5 just a couple days ago was-- 1. Darnold, 2. Barkley, 3. Mayfield, 4. Rosen(Bills), 5. Allen-- but then reports came out that the Browns were down to Mayfield and Allen. (Update as of 3 pm central on Draft Day afternoon) Ok this is ridiculous but now I think 1.Mayfield 2. Barkely 3. Rosen 4. Darnold(Bills) 5. Allen but let's hope I don't have to update again. So disregard the top 5 below unless it's right :)




Why not Mayfield? Baker has been compared to either Drew Brees or Johnny Manziel-- the latter a disaster and the former a more-than-ideal option at the QB position whom would turn down $40 million a year to play for the Browns because he's just been that successful in New Orleans. Both Manziel and Mayfield are Heisman-winning QB's who's teammates feed off swagger from, but because of this give-off an arrogant presence. I really like Mayfield, and I don't have off-the-field- concerns, but Josh Allen has 'Aaron Rodgers Arm Strength' and an underdog nature that Mayfield just cannot compete with when it comes to an 'All Time-Bad' 1-31 Browns team.



Saquon 'Will' be great. Interviews of this man show-off his immense modesty and ability to leave all-effort on the field regardless of the administration he represents. I don't need to say more cuz' this is a no-brainer,   Giants rush to the podium. SAQUON V. ZEKER 2 TIMES PER SEASON.




This will be between Mayfield and Darnold, but the Jets will like the opportunity to scoop up the #1 pick on most mocks for the past 2 months. Not confident in this pick, but the Jets would have to take advantage of quite possibly the safest option of any QB in this draft

#4 BUFFALO BILLS(Trade via Cleveland for picks #12, #56, and #65)

Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA 6'4 220

It would seem to make sense for the Bills to draft Mayfield considering his star power and "definite" consideration to be the #1 pick, but I'm sticking with the Bills striking the trade in order to draft Rosen. With a lot of these picks I try to look into a crystal ball, and currently I see Josh Rosen eating his words twice a year against Tom Brady and the Patriots. For those who don't know what I'm speaking towards- Rosen said he will win the most super bowls ever, even if Brady wins 1 or 2 more. Bills: "You say you can beat Brady" Rosen: "YEA"(confidence-filled) Bills: Hell that's good enough for Me....(Trade announced).... Goodell: ..And with the 4th pick the Bills select..... JOSH Rosen


Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma 6'1 215


Baker said he aint fallin out of the top 5. He Aint den. Case Keenum would otherwise be the starter. Imagine Johnny Manziel if he didn't party AF and didn't consider almost becoming a convict. OK but better.... Moving on...

#6 Indianapolis Colts

Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State 6'4 275

You telling me you can get the #1 defensive player in the draft after trading down 3 spots to get the same player. It's simple and safe. Big Chubb to INDY


#7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Derwin James, S, Florida State 6'3 212


Derwin James isn't a no-brainer by any means, but the Bucs seem to have made a trend out of drafting any top-end Floridian talent(Also vernon Hargreaves and idc whoelse). Point is FSU has produced great secondary talent( IE: Ramsey, Rhodes, Joyner, Robinson, Cromartie, etc.) and bucs need secondary talent/production

#8 Chicago Bears

Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame 6'5 330

Not many have Quenton Nelson of Notre Dame falling to this position, but when they do he isn't passed up by the Bears who have a young QB who the franchise is building around. First QB drafted in 2017(Trubisky) and First Offensive-Lineman drafted in 2018(Nelson) symbolizes the Bears 'trusting the process' of what happens when you sign a dude named Jay Cutler to a ridiculous deal.

#9 San Francisco 49ers

Roquon Smith, LB, Georgia 6'1 225


This is close to a no-brainer. The 49ers have always had great linebacker play, but off-the-field concerns(Aldon Smith, Reuben Foster, etc.) have forced the 49ers to move away from  a few of these players. Roquon is both powerful and speedy and will hopefully for the niners sake- keep his head in the game.

#10 Oakland Raiders

Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State 5'11 190

When in doubt, draft an OSU player. No, seriously, It worked for the Saints who've added 3 secondary players, and 2 receivers in the last 2 seasons to the effects of transitioning from playoff outlier --> to super bowl contenders for at least the next couple seasons. Denzel Ward is probably also the closest to 2017-18 NFL DROTY of the Saints Marshon Lattimore as well so I'd make the pick. Will u Raiders? 

#11 Miami Dolphins

Tremaine Edmunds, OLB, Virginia Tech 6'5 250


Dolphins could look to Vita Vea to reheal the loss of Suh on the defensive-line but the value of the drafts #2 linebacker is arguably more valuable, at least I'd argue.


#12 Browns(via Bills)

Minkah Fitzpatrick, S/CB, Alabama 6'1 200

Browns will get a steal if Minkah falls here, if browns stay put at #4 he'd more than likely be considered as well.


#13 Washington Redskins

Vita Vea, DT, Washington 6'5 340

Washington get the d-line pairee to play inside whilst Kerrigan and Orakpo get to the quarterback.


#14 Green Bay Packers

Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama 6'1 190

First WR off-the-board goes to the Packers because all they've got is Devante Adams, Randall Cobb, and... Geronimo Allison? yea its either Jimmy Graham there or a stud on a 2x National Championship while Graham can play the Tight end slot, well because, he's a Tight End(full-respect to Graham in that he can play WR but besides the quality + depth point).

#15 Arizona Cardinals

Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville 6'3 250


Once a Cardinal.. Always A Cardinal. Just makes sense because the Cardinals are filled with athletes, and i'd laugh if your going to argue that Bradford is a better athlete(not racist just c'mon man). Oh yea we also heard from somebody 16 months ago or so that he's 10 times better than Michael Vick. Who Said it? Oh yea that too; Michael Vick.


#16 Baltimore Ravens

Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU 6'4 215


Good measurables and a team who sought after Dez Bryant(actually saying something btw). Compettitor on the roster to Snead but the Ravens would obviously have to hope Sutton is even better given the pick position.

#17 San Diego Chargers

Da'Ron Payne, DT, Alabama 6'2 310


Big tumble. Chargers go BPA cuz' as their free agency suggests, they don't have a glaring need.


#18 Seattle Seahawks

Mike Mcglinchey, OT, Notre Dame 6'7 290


2nd offensive lineman(also Notre Dame) available at 18 and the Seahwaks are on the clock. Seahawks like to draft OL so it'd be a likely pick here. 

#19 Dallas Cowboys 

Leighton Vander-Esch, LB, Boise State 6'4 260


I've heard he's unlikely to fall out of the top 20. WR wanting Cowboy fans responded to the tweet in dismay as their team is the 19th pick. Sorry Cowboy Fans, hopefully your happy about later on(see Kristaps Porzingis)


#20 Detroit Lions

Marcus Davenport, DE, USTA 6'7 255

Definitely one of my favorites int he draft and I could see the Colts taking a sniff at pick 6 but the lions seem like a nice landing spot for the surprisingly speedy 'Khalil Mack-esque experiment'.


#21 Cincinnatti Bengals

James Daniels, C, Iowa 6'3 310


James Daniels is the big boy the Bengals will need if their ever going to reestablish a high-power running game.


#22 Buffalo Bills

Billy Price, C, Ohio State 6'3 300


His name is Billy, say no-more. ight the Bills could use a linemen, in general, but also for their new QB, Josh, so it all works out...


#23 New England Patriots

Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa 6'1 190


Steal for the pats who often make any good player look great, but Jackson has a real chance to be a plug-in Malcolm Butler with possibly a few more action plays given his interception numbers at Iowa.


#24 Carolina Panthers

DJ Moore, WR, Maryland 6'0 215

Panthers really need a wide receiver, and they've looked at Moore quite a bit. Makes sense.


#25 Tennessee Titans

Taven Bryan, ILB, Florida 6'4 290

High-riser that's stats arent the tell of the story he's going to bring to the NFL. Dude was a combine monster and the Falcons really want to take him. Well too bad cuz he's in the Nash now.


#26 Atlanta Falcons

Isaiah Wynn, G, Georgia 6'2 300


Go with the Georgia boy instead and hope he can protects Georgia's icy man- Matt Ryan.


#27 New Orleans Saints

Harold Landry, DE/OLB, Boston College 6'3 250

Saints seem to always label DE as a must every off-season which is why drafting a concensus round 1 grade DE makes so much sense. The Saints have only drafted 2 in the 1st round during the Payton-Brees Era(Will Smith, and Cam Jordan) and both made a pro bowl shortly after being drafted. The reson for only drafting 2 so high despite it being a constant need, or a must, is because they like big defensive ends who still actively get to the QB with speed. That's why Hubbard actually makes the most sense, in yet I'm not picking him for the saints(easily could've). Landry is a couple inches shorter, 20 pounds lighter, and significantly faster than Hubbard but he feels like a better pairing to Cam Jordan. Saints could easily go either way but I'd say that Hubbard is a more standout Trey Hendrickson with the chance to be a Ryan Kerrigan while Landry can be the Vic Beasley to counter the Falcons. Take your pick.. P.S. there isn't a bad one.


#28 Pittsburgh Steelers

Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama 6'3 235

Ryan Shazier is not guaranteed to be the same player, but even if he somehow is, the Steelers would like to  another linebacker stud.


#29 Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville 5'10 190


Missed much of last season due to injury, but the Jags need to bank on Alexander being able to slide in to Aaron Colvin's vacant slot seat and produce from day 1 on the job. Colvin and Saints rookie' Lattimore were the only elgible secondary players in the NFL to allow 0 touchdowns last season


#30 Minnesota Vikings

Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio State 6'5 270


I could see the Vikings and Patriots flipping selections, but the crystal ball results are leaning towards Hubbard sliding in on the opposite EDGE as NFL Pro Bowler Everson Griffen.


#31 New England Patriots

Will Hernandez, G, UTEP 6'3 330

Lost tackle Nate Solder to the Giants, but the Patriots could switch up the line for the primarily guard playing Hernandez.


#32 Philadelphia Eagles

Connor Williams, OT, Texas 6'6 290

Dude a beast and whomever the Eagles pick to play QB their going to need OL depth inorder to make another super bowl run possible, especially if Lane Johnson wants to be a doofus again


20 possible First Rounders: Dallas Goedert, Derrius Guice, Maurice Hurst, Hayden Hurst, Sony Michel, Malik Jefferson, Kolton Miller, Mike Gesicki, Orlando Brown, Mike Hughes, Ronald Jones III, Mark Andrews, Harrison Phillips, Mason Rudolph, Frank Ragnow, Ronnie Harrison, Justin Reid, Isaiah Oliver, Carlton Davis, Arden Key