Early Season Playoff Predictions Review, Awards, and Super Bowl

OCT 24: New England Patriots(12-4)(#1 Seed)



Jan 5: Patriots 13-3(#1 Seed)


Difference: The Patriots were 5-2 when this prediction was made. Record would've been spot on had the Steelers won a controversial week 15 game against these Patriots


GRADE: In October pundits weren't too sure about handing the Patriots the #1 seed, they had lost home games to both the Chiefs and Panthers, and most nearly lost a third game at home to the Texans. At this point, they were only a few weeks removed from having the leagues last-place defense





OCT 24: Pittsburgh Steelers(11-5)(3rd seed)


Jan 5: Pittsburgh Steelers 13-3(2nd seed)


Difference: Those super close games that they won-- 10 point 4th QC vs Bengals, 11 point 4th QC vs Ravens, and GWF vs Packers. If they lose two of those their 11-5, if they lose all 3 but beat the Patriots they're also 11-5. Also, this prediction was made with the expectation that the Texans would be a formidable opponent(they still had Watson), and that the Steelers would lose in Houston(Projected #2 seed)


GRADE: The Steelers were also 5-2 in late October, and 11-5 was probably the safest prediction that could've been made at the time. Couldn't have expected 3-2--> 13-3

Grade: B


OCT 24: Jacksonville Jaguars(10-6) 5th seed


Jan 5: Jaguars(10-6) 3rd seed


Difference: Again this would be right on if I didn't think so highly of the Texans, but other than that there isn't much to say


Grade: This was a 4-3 team who hadn't been to the playoffs in 10 years. 



OCT 24: Kansas City Chiefs(9-7) 4th seed


Jan 5: Chiefs 10-6 4th seed


Difference: Chiefs decided to win the last 4 games. The Chiefs started the season 5-0 and finished 4-0. That means they were 1-6 in games played in the middle of the season.


Grade: The Chiefs were 5-2 when the prediction was made that they would finish as a 9-7 football team. They had lost to the Steelers by 6 and the Raiders on the road by 1 so not many people were ready to remove the Chiefs from Super Bowl consideration, but I had. It was only a matter of time before teams guarded Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt was slowed down-- leaving only Kelce and Smith-- and no Super Bowl.


OCT 24: Tennesee Titans(10-6), 6th seed


Jan 5: Titans 9-7, 5th seed


Difference: Had them stealing a game in Pittsburgh😬, otherwise, the record is spot on


Grade: They were 4-3 and were coming off of a victory over the Browns where they scored 0 td's (12-9 in OT) so it's safe to say they were/are a very flawed football team. AFC wasn't that strong this season, and it felt like the Titans were going to hang on to a playoff spot the whole season



OCT 24: Buffalo Bills (9-7) 7th seed(First Out)



Jan 5: Bills 9-7, 6th seed


Difference: I had 3 teams in the AFC South making it(Ludicrous right?)

and that pushed the Bills out because I had the Texans in


Grade: If the Bills had missed out on one of the tiebreakers or I updated after Deshaun Watson went down this would be right on with record and seed

Grade: A+


My NFC Predictions were highlighted by me being WAYYY off on the Vikings(8-8 vs 13-3)

Projected NFC Seed Line

1. Eagles 12-4

2. Saints 11-5

3. Rams 10-6

4. Lions 10-6

5. Seahawks 10-6

6. Cowboys 9-7


Once again my predictions look bad because of one faulty prediction of how the Vikings final 9 games would play out. I predicted a 5-2 team would finish 9-7 for absolutely no reason other than a lack of faith in Case Keenum. Also, the 2016 Vikings went from 5-0 --> 8-8 but regardless my prediction of the Vikings season is worthy of...

Grade: F

The Rest of my predictions were ok(mostly) believe-it-or-not.

1. Prediction Eagles (12-4)   1. Reality Eagles (13-3)

I predicted them to win the super bowl when they were 6-1 with Carson Wentz and they looked like they would until they lost him

Grade: A

2. Prediction Saints(11-5) 2.  Reality Vikings 13-3

Having already addressed the Vikings, I'll grade the Saints prediction here. I got the Saints record right on and they would've gotten the 4th seed like they did in real life had I had the Vikings playing the way they did and the Rams winning one more game. But that doesn't have to do with how the Saints played this season. The Saints were 4-2 and I expected they'd be 11-5 with a big contribution from Ingram and Kamara.

Grade: A+

3. Prediction Rams(10-6) 3. Reality Rams 11-5

At the time of this prediction, the Rams were 5-2 and held a lost to the Seahawks, Naturally, the Seahawks were still expected to win the division. I only predicted the Rams to go 5-4 the rest of the way so I won't give myself too much credit

Grade: A


4. Prediction Lions(10-6) 4. Reality Saints(11-5)

This was a bad prediction but considering I thought the Viking would only win 9 games it's not awful. the Lions were only a game away from winning 10 games and could've won the North with the 9 they ended up with.

Grade: D


5. Prediction Seahawks(10-6) 5. Reality Panthers 11-5

Ugh The Seahawks were a win off, but still would've missed the playoff. I also had the Panthers only winning 8 games😴.

Grade: D+


6. Prediction Cowboys(9-7)  6. Reality Falcons 10-6

The Cowboys did finish 9-7, but I predicted the Falcons to win 8 games. I thought the Falcons luck would run out at some point, but they proved me wrong.

Grade: B-


Playoff Predictions


4. Chiefs 31

(Advance to face either Pats or Steelers)


5. Titans 20




3. Jaguars 24

(Advance to face Steelers)


6. Bills 23


4. Chiefs 23


1. Patriots 38



2. Steelers 30


3. Jaguars 27


2. Steelers 28


1. Patriots 27



AFC Representative




NFC Playoffs



3. Rams 31

(Advance to play either Vikings or Eagles)


6. Falcons 27


4. Saints 31

(Advance to Play Eagles)


5. Panthers 27

panthers logo_1489192851999_2870532_ver1.0_640_360.jpeg

3. Rams 30


2. Vikings 28


1. Eagles 20


4. Saints 24



4. Saints 27



3. Rams 23

NFC Representative




OFFENSIVE ROTY: WEEK 9: Leonard Fournette

Actual (projected) OROTY

Alvin Kamara, RB, Saints


Defensive ROTY: Week 9: Marshon Lattimore

Actual(projected) DROTY

Marshon Lattimore, CB, Saints



Defensive Player of the Year: Week 9: Campbell

Actual(projected) DPOTY

Aaron Donald, DT, Rams(50-50 w/Campbell)



Offensive Player of the Year: Week 9: Todd Gurley

Actual(projected) OPOTY

Todd Gurley, RB, Rams



NFL MVP: Week 7: Carson Wentz


Tom Brady, QB, Patriots


NFL Coach of the Year

Sean McVay, Rams




Super Bowl LII



2. Steelers 31



4. Saints 23

Super Bowl MVP

Le'Veon Bell: 112 rushing, 1 rushing td, 6 rec. 47 yds, 1 rec. td



                     PITTSBURGH STEELERS




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