NFL Rookie Index

Ranking Index

94-99: All-Pro

88-94: Pro Bowler

82-88: Future/Potential Pro Bowler

76-82: Solid NFL Starter

69-76: Back-up with Starter Potential

Below 68: Reserve/Practice Squad


Two weeks into the NFL season there is undoubtedly parody amongst who're the best players and the best teams. Many things can change, and are expected to change, but I'll give my best shot to displaying the best newcomers to "the league".


First off, Kareem Hunt is the class of 2017-18 to date, and he leads a draft-class coined, "the year of the running back"

1. Kareem Hunt, RB, Kansas City Chiefs

Watch Kareem Hunt catch and run for an NFL Record career debut of 246 yards and 3 td's vs The Defending Champs, The New England Patriots, on the road nevertheless. For those wondering how he followed that performance, Kareem had 109 yards and 2 td's on only 16 touches(6 less than week 1) in week 2.



While #1 probably wasn't a surprise, #2 most likely will.


Given how easily the Vikings and Patriots have steamrolled the Saints suspect D(to name it nicely), there can't possibly be a defensive player for the saints on this list? Right?

Yea Yea well here goes nothing,

#2 Marshon Lattimore, CB, New Orleans Saints

Coming out of Ohio State, some draft analysts compared lattimore to the great "Prime Time"(Deion Sanders). Although being the next Deion Sanders is obviously a stretch, he has held his own swag so far. Against the Saints D, Brady torched the joint for an incredible 147.8 passer rating(out of 153.8).... against all defensive players NOT named Marshon. Marshon had the key-job of limiting the speedster Brandin Cooks homecoming from being one the big-easy would not enjoy. Brady's passer rating vs marshon was 72.9, and Cooks only caught 1 of 3 targets for 15 yards in Lattimore's coverage. 

I couldn't find an NFL highlight vid of Lattimore, so I'll leave you with this--Lattimore Island

Lattimore Breaking up a pass intended for Patriots #1 WR Brandin Cooks

Lattimore Breaking up a pass intended for Patriots #1 WR Brandin Cooks

Ranking Index: 85

This guy should've probably gone 2nd based on what he has done so far as a rookie RB.

#3 Dalvin Cook, RB, Minnesota Vikings

Cook broke Adrian Peterson's rushing yardage record for a Vikings rookie debut. That Said it was with going against Peterson's current team, The New Orleans Saints, and their formidable d(lol). Lesson: Take D-Cook's debut with a grain of salt. Dalvin looked solid in week 2 vs the Pittsburgh D(a good d), but his YPC was mainly built on a 25 yard near-TD run in the 3rd quarter. Should be telling to see how he does against a Tampa Bay defense that clobbered the Bears Offense in week 2. Kobe Goal: 75 yards and a TD

 Ranking Index: 85


The #4 pick in the NFL Draft, is #4 on this list.


#4 Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

The only thing holding this big-bruiser of a running back from bursting back on to the scene, is his yards-per-carry(YPC). Leonard is comparable to your usual balanced speed/power back like that of Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry, but with higher upside. There's a reason why he got drafted higher than the two Heisman Trophy winners from Alabama. He gets to be "The Guy" in the Jaguars offense, something Derrick Henry(Titans) and Mark Ingram(Saints) will probably never be able to say. Not Only is he the clear RB 1, but he's in an offense that likes to run the football, and has effectively when they've had good teams(see Maurice Jones-Drew). Next up the Jaguars face off with the 2-0 Baltimore Ravens in London; I've heard that LF wants to make his name one to remember in England

Let's make this a thing; Kobe Challenge:  4 YPC, 90 rushing yds, 1 td + 20 rec. yards  

P.S. he's got some AD to him too, Derrick Henry may or may not be accurate

Ranking Index: 83


Interesting that the top 5 come from 2 positions isn't it😎


#5 Tre'Davious White, CB, Buffalo Bills

The second rookie in a row that spent Saturdays in Baton Rouge(LSU). White leads a Bills defense that has done much better to date than the other corner on our list. White is one of 5 corners in the league to rank in the top 16 in both run defense and pass coverage according to Pro-Football-Focus(PFF), which is evidently supported by the fact that Bills opponents have scored a combined 1 touchdown this year. Like Lattimore, White has already gotten his hands on a couple of balls(K, Je connais)(French) thrown this year, which is always an exciting feature in a defensive-back. Tre'Davious's first victims, the Panthers and Jets don't sport very high-power offenses, but the Bills next opponent, the Broncos, should carry a larger challenge.

Kobe Challenge: 2 Pass Breakups, 6 tackles

Ranking Index: 82

Honorable Mentions

#6 T.J. Watt, EDGE, Pittsburgh Steelers

RI: 81 

Fun Fact: 2 sacks and a interception in debut

#7 Deatrich Wise, EDGE, New England Patriots

RI: 81

Fun Fact: Fifth highest pass-rush productivity % (all players), Sacked Drew Brees in week 2

#8 Dalvin Tomlinson, DL, New York(Football)Giants

RI: 81

Fun Fact: Fifth most run stops of all interior linemen

#9 Kendall Beckwith, LB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

RI: 80

Fun Fact: 17th among linebackers with one reception allowed for every 12 snaps in coverage

#10 Chris Carson, HB, Seattle Seahawks

RI: 79

Fun Fact: Elusive Rating of 100.1 ranks 4th in the NFL

#11 Reuben Foster, LB, San Francisco 49ers

RI: 79

Fun Fact: Was leading 49ers in tackles before he got hurt in week 1(not fun)

#12 Garrett Bolles, OT, Denver Broncos

RI: 79

Fun Fact: His 97.5 Pass-Block efficiency rating ranks 11th among Offensive Tackles

#13 Tarik Cohen, RB, Chicago Bears

RI: 78

Fun Fact: The Next Darren Sproles? Tarik is also very elusive and has 181 yards on only 28 touches(6.46 yards per touch)

#14, Cooper Kupp, WR, Los Angeles Rams

RI: 77

Fun Fact: Married for 2 years(yep), No offers out of High School😦, and 109 yards, and a td on 7 receptions

#15, Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina Panthers

RI: 77

Fun Fact: All the family members are athletes fact( Dad: 3-time Super-Bowl winning wide receiver for Denver, Mom: Star soccer player at Stanford, Uncle: Won National Championship in basketball at Duke, Grandpa: missed out by inches on getting gold in 1960 100 m dash in rome olympics, also all-american baseball player at Duke,  older Brother Max: Duke tight-end turned NFL tight End, Younger Brother Dylan: top QB out of high school in nation, won state in basketball; freshman at Michigan, Other Younger Brother: Luke is a QB with an offer from Michigan already(despite sitting behind his brother).

Whew that's fun😅, not to mention the educations; Stanford, Michigan, and Duke😏

Another Fun Fact: * Wild-Caff is the best college football player to never win the Heisman 


* = Facts


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