True NFL Most Valuable Season of last 15 seasons


Top QB Seasons

1. PEYTON MANNING 2013, 13-3, MVP, OPY, 5477yds, 55 tds, 68.3 comp. %


4. Aaron Rodgers 2011, 14-1, MVP, 4643, 45 tds, 68.3 comp. %

Peyton Manning wins out in a battle of more valuable, due to having the greatest statistical season ever. Aaron Rodgers would've had a better argument if it weren't for Matt Flynn coming into the season finale and throwing for 480 yards and 6 touchdowns on the road with an offense that featured Greg Jennings(Pro bowler), Jordy Nelson(15 td season), and Randall Cobb(future pro bowler). 

3. TOM BRADY 2007, 16-0, MVP, OPY, 4806, 50 tds, 68.9 comp. %

This one is tough because Tom Terrific went 16-0, but there is some clear insight here. Moss had 23 touchdowns that year, an NFL record. The Saints on the other hand spread the ball around a lot. Only one of Drew Brees's wideouts had more than 8 touchdowns, that was Jimmy Graham(11), and Brees still threw for 46 td's. 5 players on the saints caught at least 6 touchdowns, there were only 3 such players for the Patriots. Also,  7 saints RB/WR/TE's totaled over 425 yards, and Brees managed to reach nearly 5500 passing yards. There were 4 weapons of Brady that had over 425 yards for the Patriots, and Brady threw for 670 less yardage.

2. DREW BREES 2011, 13-3, OPY, 5476yds, 46 tds, 71.2 comp. %


Who was more valuable, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees?

Drew Brees was more valuable. Why? because none of his targets have been nearly as good since departing New Orleans. Wes Welker, and Eric Decker have had better seasons. Decker followed up a 1250+ yard, 11 td in 2013 with a similarly good season of 1000+, and 12 td's with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Mark Ingram is the only skill position player still remaining from the 2011 Saints roster, and zero players have garnered a 1000 yard receiving season elsewhere. Wes Welker had 5 1000 yard seasons alone elsewhere, but in fairness in was earlier in his career, and with the services of Tom Brady. But, Lance Moore totaled almost 1700 yards, and 14 touchdowns in 2011 and 2012 with Brees, but preceded to never reach 350 receiving yards in 2014 and 2015 with solid quarterbacks Matthew Stafford, and Ben Roethlisberger. In conclusion, Peyton Manning had a slightly more impressive statline than Brees, but Brees had his success with less-proven players, that were benefits of Brees's tremendous ability to spread the rock. 


Top RB Seasons

1. LaDainian Tomlinson, 2006, 14-2, MVP, OPY,  1815 rushing yds, 28 rushing td's, 56 rec., 508 yds, 3 td's  


4.  Chris Johnson, 2009, 8-8, OPY, 2006 rushing yards, 14 rushing td's, 50 rec., 503 yds, 2 td's

Definitely LaDanian. 2006 was QB, Phillip Rivers first season of starting in the league. Going 14-2 in your first season as QB only happens when you can hand off 2 td's a game to one player. Phillip Rivers probably needed this season to adjust, therefore helping the chargers in the long run. Chris Johnson's numbers aren't as good, and his team won 8 games. No player has ever won mvp on a 8 win team since the institution of the 16 game regular season.


3. Priest Holmes, 2003, 13-3, All-Pro, 1420 rushing yds, 27 td's, 74 rec., 690 rec. yds, 0 td's

Both of these players made 3 pro bowls, but none after these seasons. Considering that one was MVP and OPY, and the other had neither, the MVP advances.

2. Shaun Alexander, 2005, 13-3, MVP, OPY, 1880 rushing yards, 27 rushing td's, 15 rec., 78 yds, 1 td


Who was more valuable Ladainian or Alexander?

LaDainian, easy.

Note: Originally had Adrian Peterson seeded, and I'm not sure it was right to take him out.


Top WR Seasons

1. Randy Moss, 2007, 16-0, All-Pro, 98 rec., 1493 rec. yards, 23tds

Got to say Randy Moss here. Julio Jones took a step back in 2016, and it's easy to say that didn't hurt the team given their super bowl appearance. On the other hand, it's easy to say that Randy Moss helped the team obtain an 18-0 start to the season.

4. Julio Jones, 2015, 8-8, All-Pro, 136 rec., 1871 rec. yards, 8tds


3. Marvin Harrison, 2002, 10-6, All-Pro, 143 rec., 1722 rec. yards, 11 tds

Antonio Brown played in a more pass-happy league in 2014, than Harrison did in 2002. Antonio Brown only had to compete with Marcus Wheaton, Le'veon Bell, Heath Miller, Martavis Bryant for Roethlisberger's 4952 passing yards, and 32 td's. Manning threw for 4200 yards and 27 td's in 2002, which was considered elite at the time. My point is Harrison competed with Reggie Wayne, and still garnered 41% of the yards, and 41% of the td's for a Colts team just getting started with a long playoff run. per example, Antonio Brown grab 34% of the yards, and 41% of the td's. It's a tough decision, but Antonio Brown season is an average NFL-leading season these days, but Harrison's was the best since Torry Holt, and Jerry Rice multiple years before.

2. Antonio Brown, 2014, 11-5, All-Pro, 129 rec., 1698 rec. yards, 13 tds


Who was more valuable Moss or Harrison?

Outside of Randy Moss who had 23 of Brady's 50 touchdowns in '07, no Patriots WR has ever caught more than 9 touchdowns from "The Golden Boy"(TB12). Meanwhile.. Manning receivers Brandon Stokley, Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark combined for 6 additional 10+ td seasons, proving that Harrison was more of a system WR, opposed to an extreme talent. Marvin Harrison was very special, but Randy Moss est plus speciale(french) and the holder of the greatest wide receiver season of the millennium.


I'm not going to do the same process for tight ends because no one ever considers a tight end to be MVP so I'll just rank the top 5

5. Jason Witten(2007) All-Pro, 96 rec., 1145, 7 td's

4. Tony Gonzalez(2004) 2nd-Team All-Pro, 102 rec., 1258 rec. yds, 7 td's

3. Antonio Gates(2004) All-Pro, 81 rec., 964 rec. yds, 13 td's

2. Jimmy Graham(2013) All-Pro, 86 rec., 1215 rec. yds, 16 td's 

1. Rob Gronkowski(2011) All-Pro, 90 rec., 1327 rec. yds(TE Record), 17 td's(TE Record)






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