Miscellaneous and predictions review

It's been a while since I posted something, but I'd like to review my predictions.

Let's first start with the College Football Playoff predictions

The Clemson Tigers were the 2016-17 CFP National Champions

The Clemson Tigers were the 2016-17 CFP National Champions


I got 2/3 correct but correctly predicted Clemson to win the National Championship.

Prediction grade: B+

Reasoning: I assumed Alabama would win vs Washington but I thought I'd shoot for the stars w/ Washington. If you look at the stats I predicted, not many were accurate. Add in that I had Clemson scoring just over 30 points in the championship(as they did), and despite shooting a blank on the Ohio State game prediction(as everyone did), my prediction earns a high B.

Now it's time to review my Big Ten Basketball predictions

Since I only predicted the Big Ten's top 9 teams, I'll award 9 points to correctly predicting first place, 8 points for correctly predicting second place, and so on until 1 point is awarded 9th place. In order to award some points for proximity to correctness I'll award one less point for each placement I'm off.

Confusing I know but here we go

The Purdue Boiler makers were the 2016-17 Big Ten RegularSeason Champions

Ignoring the column, it's time to review...

1st place Prediction: Purdue

1st Place Reality: Purdue

                                                 POINTS: 9/9

2nd place prediction: Wisconsin

2nd place reality: Wisconsin

Points: 8/8

3rd place prediction: Indiana

3rd place reality: Maryland

Points: 0/7

I was 7 spots off here, but practically everyone thought Indiana would be top 3, they were barred by many crucial injuries after reaching a top 3 national ranking, and this resulted in them plummeting to outside the bubble and and a first-round NIT exit.

4th place prediction: Maryland

4th place reality: Minnesota

I was pretty close here

points: 5/6

5th place prediction: Michigan State

5th place reality: Michigan State

points: 5/5

Aye I'm doing pretty well here

6th place prediction: Michigan

6th place reality: Northwestern

points: 2/4

due to a 4-way tie between the 5th and 8th seeded teams, both Northwestern and Michigan had 10-8 records(as I predicted), but a Northwestern victory at the the buzzer over the maize n blue gave Northwestern the tiebreaker.

7th place prediction: Minnesota

7th place reality: Iowa

points: 0/3

I get zero points here, but if Minnesota were to lose one more(depending on who to), I may have hit it on the dot

8th place prediction: Northwestern

8th place reality: Michigan

points: 0/2

both the prediction and the reality finished tied for 5th, and I predicted their record correctly. Also Michigan won the big ten tournament so my prediction of 6th for them is closer than their seeding of 8th when it comes to their ceiling as a team.

9th place prediction: Ohio State

9th place reality: Illinois

points: -1/1

Ohio State finished tied for 10th, received the 11th seed in the big ten, and was a game off of 9th. So all in all I did pretty good. Each prediction was within a game and/or place of being correct except Indiana, whom had many tolling injuries.


Overall grade: A

Point total: 28/45

Average points: 3.11

Find someone else who had as accurate predictions. I bet 9/10 weren't as accurate.

Thanks for reading