NFL Playoff Predictions

Alright, a few weeks ago I made my regular season predictions, today I'll make my playoff prediction with the records from before.



1. Pittsburgh Steelers


2. New England Patriots


3. Indianapolis Colts


4. Kansas City Chiefs


5. Denver Broncos


6. Oakland Raiders






6. Oakland Raiders 24 @ 3. Indianapolis Colts 30

Neither Team was In the playoffs last year but this year with two budding offenses and two mediocre defenses the team that's at home and experienced wins the game.

5. Denver Broncos 22 @ 4. Kansas City Chiefs 13

In a third meeting of the year, the Broncos defense starts to reach their prime, in sparing off with a familiar foe. Quarterback stability should be fine at this point whether or not it's Mark Sanchez, and the Broncos will win the all-important rubber match to advance to play the Steelers.


Divisional Round


5. Denver Broncos 23 @ 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 27

In a rematch of the 2015 divisional round the Steelers will now play host's to the Broncos. In a game that'll come down to the end like some previous meetings, the Steelers will fend off the Broncos on the steel curtain defense.

3. Indianapolis Colts 28 @ 2. New England Patriots 30

In a seemingly similar anticipated matchup from "Deflategate", Brady will have his way for most of the first half. A second half comeback by the colts allows for a late drive to set up Viniateri for something special. The Colts are unable to provide the magic, and have to bow out of New England with a L




2. New England Patriots 20


1. Pittsburgh Steelers 30

In The AFC Championship, there are two great offenses, and two good defenses. In a battle of two great QB's that have a lot of experience in the position, it's always better to be at home. Steelers nation will ride what they want to be a Canton trio of Brown, Bell, and Roethlisberger into stellar play that carries the defense to a golden ticket to Houston.




1. Arizona Cardinals


2. Green Bay Packers


3. Carolina Panthers


4. Dallas Cowboys


5. Seattle Seahawks


6. New Orleans Saints




6. New Orleans Saints 23 @ 3. Carolina Panthers 26

Even though the saints have played well outdoors in Carolina, the story will be Drew Brees vs the outdoors and the Carolina defense. But Even though I don't think that's the problem, the Saints defense vs the Panthers offense will be. It will be close but the x-factors for the Saints won't prove valid for this cold, heated matchup between Co-division champions, and last year's NFC Champion will run through the tunnel(as a road team) again in the next week  


5. Seattle Seahawks 31 @ 4. Dallas Cowboys 30

I think this matchup will be exciting but, here's to hoping Tony Romo is alive and well for this game. If things go to plan, Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliot should be playing at a high level. On the other side of the ball I feel less confident with how much fire the Seahawks carry. The Running back position in Seattle is more doubtful to work than the core in Dallas, but by  playing weak defenses against the run this season, I think The Seahawks offense will be alive and well. Russell Wilson will right the ship like my faith in the Seahawks while writing this, And the Seahawks will be  in the game long enough to strike a game winner to Jimmy Graham in the closing seconds.


Divisional Round 

5. Seattle Seahawks 27


1. Arizona Cardinals 34

We will see where the Seahawks Train goes now. The Cardinals are a terrific home team, and will be playing probably one of the most hyped home games to date in this game. The Seahawks last year had some outlandish results vs the Cardinals last year(beat Cardinals on road 36-6, lost vs Cardinals 39-32 at home) and it is hard to tell which team will play in Glendale. I like the pieces of the Cardinals better than the Seahawks's and I'm trying to avoid the horrid looks of preseason to make the prediction that the Cardinals will win this game in a quality football game.


3. Carolina Panthers 31 


2. Green Bay Packers 24

Both teams have great aerial aces(the last two MVP's) who can be a dual-threat(especially Cam). I still can't understand how Newton did it last year with a sub-mediocre receiving corps, but that's a praise to him. In this game, I see Newton and the Panthers exploring the Packers secondary and linebackers core with precision and a good mix of defensive stops to limit the amount of Lambeau leaps. Anything can happen but in this game, the Panthers exploit the Packers at the wrong time and send them to a home loss to end their season




3. Carolina Panthers 35


1. Arizona Cardinals 27

This should be a great game. The Panthers will attack early and often on both offense and defense. The Cardinals will play better than the 2015(i guess 2016) showdown, but the Panthers play with a edge to grind out a game tied in the fourth quarter and knock out the Cardinals again from the playoffs.




          @(NRG STADIUM, HOUSTON) 



This Is the Big Game. This is my pick. And this is who's going to win. Ok, so after a first quarter of excitement the score is Carolina Panthers 7, Pittsburgh Steelers 7. The teams will duel out blows and the Steelers will race up to a 17-7 lead thanks to great play by the big three and the offensive line. Right before the end of the half, the Panthers score a touchdown to make it 17-14, and the half will end 17-14. Panthers almost score a touchdown but have to settle for a field goal in the third's opening drive. The Steelers then put together a touchdown drive, followed by another field goal drive by the panthers. 24-20 Steelers at the end of the third. Both teams are scoreless in the fourth quarter until a Steelers field goal with 7:22 remaining makes it 27-20, Steel Curtain. A long drive by the Panthers proves successful as they score a touchdown with 2:01 on the board. Kickoff sends the game to great commercials, and is also the 2 minute warning. The Steelers get to their own 46 yard line with 1:37 remaining only to get stopped on three straight plays. So it is the Steelers who punt with :54 seconds remaining. The Panthers move 17 yards on the first play, call their second timeout. The Panthers then get to 3rd and 4 on their 43 yard line with no timeouts remaining and :26 to play with. Newton throws a 8 yard pass to Olsen who goes out of bounds with :19 remaining. On first down Newton throws a 12 yard pass to Devin Funchess who is unable to get out of bounds with :11 seconds remaining. The Panthers try to rush on Graham Gano but are unable to without a false start that provides a run off to bring this game to overtime. In Overtime The Steelers get the ball first and Antonio Brown jukes out Benwikere and a coming in hot Mcclain to have one last man to beat, Coleman who Brown Stiff arms and continues running and leaps a would be tackler in Keuchley into the end zone and falls to the turf where realization hits and the greatest play was lived in the moment

Super Bowl MVP: Antonio Brown: 8 receptions, 169 yards, 2 Touchdowns