5 passing qbs to draft before Russell Wilson in fantasy

1. Aaron Rodgers
The most reliable and safe QB. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are back and the expectation is super bowl for the Packers.Rodgers will give you no interceptions at home and few on the road. He'll get you around 4200-4800 yards and 35-40 tds with only 4-8 interceptions.

When you should draft him
Late 1- 3

4573 yards 38 tds 6 int

2. Drew Brees
Surprised, shouldn't be. This is a guy who'd made 5 pro bowls pre-Graham impact. Add In he made all those appearances without ever playing with a pro bowl wide receiver. He throws the ball to at least 10 players a game and completes about 28 passes per game. Yes his interception  s total might be around 15 but his yards and touchdowns are elite.

 424 completions 4,364yds 36 td 12 int
Points 366.56

When should you draft him: 3-5 round

3. Peyton Manning
Another surprise. People forget that his season last year was worthy of MVP contention before his legs I think got hurt or his arm or whatever. Peyton Manning will be back. Don't expect a decline. Manning will beat his doubters and will receive the same draft position as he did when he came to Denver(6th round).

Points 363.84

Where should you draft him: 5-7
4096 yards 37 tds 11 int

4. Andrew Luck

Many weapons added to a season that came up short of 5000 yards and reached 40 touchdowns. Expect similar things but also expect the colts to run more, switching it up a bit and doing what it takes to win.

4487 yds 35 tds 13 int

Points 363.48

When should you draft him
2-4 round

5. Ben Roethlisberger
He really was borderline top 10 before this past year according to me. Ben has maybe the best RB and the best WR, at least as yards and fantasy is concerned. Your RB gets a lot of passing tds that's good but he'll get a lot of snaps running the ball too.  Anyway he'll have a year that'll confirm a spot in Canton in the 2020's most likely.