Conference championship preview and predictions

Conference championships preview

#22 Temple 34 @ #19 Houston 30

Temple is pretty balanced and playing for a New Years six invite. Thedefense might be the best Houston's faced and Temple is riding an impressive two week and I think they feel disrespected by pickets this week and with stop Houston in the red zone on the final play of regulation.

18. Florida 21 @(Atlanta) 2. Alabama 33
I agree with Paul Finebaum that this will be a close first half(13-14 or 16-14) but I think Alabama will pull to a three score lead before a late fight by Florida.
PAC 12
20. USC 28 @ 7. Stanford 34
Stanford is playing to impress the committee and USC is pretty determined under Clay Helton to prove that they were contenders under the wrong lead. This feels like a battle who wants it the most at the end and I think it will come down to a falter or a success at the 2 minute drill.

Big Ten
5. Michigan State 27@(Indianapolis)4.Iowa 31

Somehow Iowa has gone undefeated with zero respect. It feels like the committee doesn't think their a top four team but feels obliged to put them there because their unblemished. Iowa is too balanced and still has so much to prove and I think a late turnover will probably solidify 13-0 for the Hawks in yellow and black.


10. North Carolina 31 1. Clemson 30

Clemson in my mind is not clearly the number 1 team and has not beaten a ranked team away from home. Their home field has just edged both of the ranked teams that they've defeated this year at the end and both teams have lost twice this season. North Carolina is crushing South Carolina in all sports right now and the North Carolina faithful will be rocking as the best offense Clemson faced this year stays with Clemson until taking the lead with very little time left

We love drama and that's surely what we'll get

1. Alabama
11-1 with a loss to Ole Miss and still the number 1 seed, hmm did that happen last year
2. Iowa
When the committee takes a look at the resume they'll see two quality wins away from home against team with a combined 21-4 record. The committee will also see 9 BIG wins and how could I not mention that their the only undefeated team in America.
3. Oklahoma
Oklahoma came up huge the last few weeks and there should be no complaints that they deserve to be here.
4. Stanford
Chaos. We all know OSU would make for a marketing frenzy but the next best thing has to be a team who won 9 pac 12 games and has been battle tested despite never being in the top 6 of any poll until Sunday. North Carolina did not prove their worth to the committee although defeating the #1 team in the land(supposedly). A reason for no North Carolina invite is because it'll be a close ACC championship, and a win will mark NC's first top 25 win of the year. OSU despite possibly having the best chance to beat bama does not benefit by being a non-conference champion