Post-Week 7 College Football Rankings

1. Baylor 6-0, 3-0(Big 12)

Hasn't been tested yet, and has already bested the 1 in their 17-1 record in the regular season since the beginning of last season. Baylor has scored 60+ points every week since traveling to SMU to start the season(56). They've won all but one game by more than 4 td's and that was against West Virginia(62-38) who beat them last season. Their four toughest games may be the last four. Baylor is 4-2 against the spread half-way through the season

2. Ohio State 7-0, 3-0(Big Ten)

We won't know for sure how good this Ohio State team is until the final two weeks of the regular season, against powerhouses Michigan State and Michigan, in the big house, to end the season. We do know this team will get better, there are plenty things to fix. The Offense is the issue, and yet Brutus has scored 34+ in all but one game and have averaged 40.33 points to start the big ten season . That said, their 2-5 against the spread this season. Michigan and Michigan State are the only ranked teams on the schedule.

3. Michigan State 7-0, 3-0(Big Ten)

Michigan State may be undefeated, but their 1-6 against the spread. State has won 4 games that came down to the very last minute, including this week's 27- 23 victory over Michigan in which State led for 0:00 minutes of the game. I know, but it's even crazier than it sounds. Michigan State should be able to face off with Ohio State in week 12 with both teams sharing a 10-0 record.

4. TCU 7-0, 4-0(Big 12)

TCU has been tested majorly twice and have won three games by 6 points or less. Their first three ranked opponents await them in the final 4 weeks of the season. TCU has scored 50.4 points in their first 4 Big 12 games. For TCU Those points have only produce a 3-4 record against the spread. It would be a surprise if the final week Baylor and TCU are not playing for home-field in the national semi final.


5. LSU 7-0, 4-0(SEC) Total Defense 15th, Total Offense 28th

6. Alabama 6-1, 3-1(SEC) Total Defense 6th, Total Offense 47th

7. Stanford 5-1, 4-0(Pac 12)  Total Defense 39th, Total Offense 33th

8. Clemson 6-0, 3-0(ACC) Total Defense 10th, Total Offense 35th

9. Utah 6-0, 3-0(Pac 12) Total Defense 49th, Total Offense 70th

Under the Radar 

10. Iowa 7-0, 3-0(Big Ten) Total Defense 12th, Total Offense 54th

11. Florida State 6-0, 4-0(ACC) Total Defense 24th, Total Offense 38th

12. Notre Dame 6-1(Independents) Total Defense 51st, Total Offense 16th

13. Florida 6-1, 4-1(SEC) Total Defense 22nd, Total Offense 87th

14. Oklahoma State 6-0, 3-0(Big 12) Total Defense 29th, Total Offense T25th